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Domestic RO System

We aim to provide you a one stop shop for all your water related needs, be it a drinking water filters, domestic water purifiers, commercial water filter plants or industrial water purifiers, drinking water filters, water treatment plants, water deionizers.

RO Equipments

We offer reverse osmosis system of water purifying at home and residence. Reverse osmosis system are made up of high quality raw materials and can be customized as per clients’ specifications and requirements.

Sales Plus Services

We believe in long-term relation with our customers by keeping them happy with our expert after sales service team. In todays world, approximately 60 to 70 % of the population living in urban areas, use some sort of measure for purifying water.

EMI Offers

Buy Water Purifier appliances on Easy Monthly Installment and Pay in 3 EasyEMIs at NO EXTRA COST … 0% Interest Rate, Minimum 40% down payment and rest of amount in 3 EMIs. Features *0% Interest *You can pay the balance at any time without paying any closing charges *EMI payment.




1-Two periodical sevice vists per year during the period of contract,when the water purifier will be throughly checked, cleaned, Serviced and adjusted.
2-An addition vists during the contract,Period, as and when required, in the event of any breakdown/manufacturing of the equipment, on intimation in this regard by the customer.
3-Replacement of per-lilter once (maximum) every year depending on the condition of the existing pre-filter during thethe service contract period.
4-Replacement of carbon granules twice/activated carbon block once (maximum) every year during the sevice contract period.
5-Replacement of wom-out/exhuasted parts, including ultra violet lamp with new/rectified spares during the service contract period.
6-In one year ROAMC we period, One sedimentfilter, one post carbon,one pre carbon+Membrane will be replace.
7-In RO+UV System we period, One sedimentfilter, one pre carbon, one post carbon, Membrance + one post microfilter, changed.
8-Motors and Bowl Set will be charged 50% in Annual Maintenance Contract Period if damage


To maintain the quality of water the filters must be changed on time. For More Details Call Us at +91 9839558666